Help me name a character–win a book!

Happy Monday morning, folks!

I’ve just begun An Amish Family Reunion and need a little help.  What, oh what, to name my hero??? I’ve narrowed it down to two names: Eli or Sam. I want it to be a 3 letter name! my last two books  had a character named Isaiah. My fingers just never learned to type that name quickly! I had to practically stop to look at the keys. Not good when Isaiah is my romantic hero!

So, please vote your preference, either “Eli” or “Sam”. I will select a lucky winner to win a copy of Abigail’s New Hope which comes out in late March or early April. Thanks much and have a great (and hopefully snow-less) week!

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25 thoughts on “Help me name a character–win a book!

  1. I like Sam better as your hero name. Easy to type and more common with the Amish I think. Sam, short for Samuel sounds more heroic than Eli tho also a Amish name . Sam it is.

  2. I really did want the name Eli when i voted before, but you know there really a lot of Ei’s and not that many Sams.
    So really don’t think I am crazy but I am going to change my mind and go with the name Sam, after all the main thing is to be able to read you great book that you are writting. So I am going to vote for Sam.
    also it would be away being so close to your last name just happened to notice this so it should be SAM

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