A Christmas Memory

I was just asked about my most memorable Christmas, so I thought I’d share this with those who read my blog:

Every year we spent Christmas eve with my parents. We would attend a huge family get-together, then go to church, followed by another big meal on Christmas Day. One year my husband insisted we do something “fun”, so we booked a mini-vacation in Vermont. I was enjoying skiing on the wooded trails of Killington, but also missing both my mom and worship on the holiest night of the year. Since I’m not very fast at anything in life, everyone else had skied ahead and left me. Slow-poke-me rounded a turn in the trail and spotted something wonderful. Someone had set up a small manger scene under a pine tree, complete with stable, shepherds and angels. Votive candles lit the blessed scene which warmed my heart and soul. Turns out, everyone else had skied on past without noticing. But I saw Jesus in the manger, reminding me that my family was with me in my heart. And that God was always around the next bend in the road for every Christian.

Merry Christmas and may God bless you richly in 2011.

Mary Ellis