Buckeye Book Fair is coming

Anyone who will be in the Wooster area on Saturday, Nov. 6th please drop in at the Buckeye Book Fair. This is an all-day that runs from 10:00 am until 4:00 that will feature 100 Ohio writers and illustrators. They’ll be readings and children’s activities, besides signed books at a discount. This is the largest literary event in Ohio and it raises money for schools, libraries, and adult literacy programs. The $2.00 admission charge goes to that purpose. I hope if you have a chance, you’ll drop by the Buckeye Book Fair and say “hello.” I’ll be signing at table #22. Lunch will be available for purchase from the Lamplighters Auxiliary.
The event will be held in the Fisher Auditorium on the OARDC/OSU Campus in Wooster.
directions: take the Madison Ave./SR 302 exit off of US Route 30. Head south (left turn) at the traffic light. Entrance is one mile ahead on the left at the OSU time/temperature sign, OR MapQuest the street addess: 1680 Madison Ave. Wooster, Ohio

Photos are finally up at AmishReader

sorry, folks…I was a bit premature in my assessment “I have finally mastered my digital camera”.  I sent the photos to amishreader.com to post on the site, and then I was oh-so-proud of myself. Well, pride goes right before the fall…and the file didn’t have the decency to open once it got there!

(Mastery, my foot..) Well, there up there now at www.amishreader.com!

thanks to all of you who wrote to tell me I was celebrating a bit too soon…

at this rate, mastery will come some time in eternity. Blessings!


Pictures taken at birthing center in Amish Country

folks, I finally have mastered my new digital camera and downloaded the photos I took while in Ohio’s Amish country. My lovely innkeeper, from Simple Pleasures B&B in Winesburg, took me to the new birthing center in southern Holmes County. It is a state of the art facility that everyone can be so proud of. Because I wish more people to see these photos, I downloaded them onto the www.amishreader.com website. Please check them out and let me know what you think. By the way, that’s not your run-of-the-mill bathtub….that’s a special tub for when moms-to-be choose water deliveries. This place was very cool! And the Amish lady I talked to was just cool as a cucumber! In case you’re curious, all this research was for my next book, Abigail’s New Hope, which will be released in March. (about an Amish midwife…but I’m sure you figured that out!)

stay simple! mary