Booksigning at Barnes & Noble, Fairlawn, Ohio

What fun I had last Friday at the Barnes & Noble in Fairlawn Ohio! Barb Darbutt, the event coordinator, hosted me at their “First Friday” event, wherein an author, an artist, and a musician are featured. I got a chance to listen to great music, sip delicious lattes, and sign my first release (A Widow’s Hope) and my latest release, Never Far from Home, for family, friends, and fans!

I couldn’t have asked to work with nicer folks than those at Barnes & Noble in Fairlawn (Akron) Ohio. Thanks for hosting me. Oh, and here’s a photo of me with one of my “fans”. She was also maid-of-honor in my wedding, many, many moons ago! (so she’s stuck being my fan whether she wants to be or not.) haha. Hope everyone who came out and bought a book enjoys the read.

3 thoughts on “Booksigning at Barnes & Noble, Fairlawn, Ohio

  1. I have been trying to find out to no avail, since the Miller Family is a series, in what order do they come, number 1, 2, ?

    We like to read them in order, especially if the characters continue, help!

  2. It was fun, and I look forward to meeting you some day too, Erica. At least we’re getting closer…Texas is closer to Ohio than California!
    And keep watching for that sleighride picture! this morning, my hubby & I mastered hooking up our new printer. next we’ll tackle our new digital camera. right now, the photos are too “big”–we need to shrink them down…
    ahhh, to be a teenager and know how to do everything!
    blessings on you and your family.

  3. It sounds like you had a great time! it must be exciting to be able to meet fans face to face ( it always is exciting for the fan!) to see who is reading your books and how much we all love them. One of these days I hope to meet you face to face! =)
    God Bless

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