Sleighride in Amish Country

We just got back from a lovely weekend in Holmes County in Ohio’s Amish Country where I took my first ever sleighride!

What a hoot that was. The sleigh wound its way through 140 acres of beautiful, rolling snow-covered hills. We went to the Farm at Walnut Creek, which is also an exotic animal farm. Yes, an odd combination to be sure! But we were able to tour an Amish home, drink hot cocoa and eat homemade cookies after seeing, and in some cases feeding, llamas, alpacas, SouthAmerica deer, American elk, bison, Texas longhorn cattle (we didn’t pet them!) all running free and uncaged on the property. The Farm is a great educational and conservation experience. An a sleigh is a marvelous way to see the large, sprawling farm in winter, while everything lies dormant under several feet of snow. And did I mention our Amish guide, Roy, was absolutely delightful. Photos to come…as soon as I can download them!