Ohio’s Buckeye Book Fair

Any fans of Amish fiction who will be in central Ohio on Saturday November 7th, I will be signing books at the 22nd annual Buckeye Book Fair in Wooster, Ohio.  This is an invitation only affair for Ohio authors, so I am honored that I’ve been invited. The event is from 9:30 until 4:00 pm at Fisher Auditorium of Ohio Agricultural Research Center in Wooster. Proceeds benefit Ohio literacy programs and libraries. If at all possible, plan to attend. details and directions can be found at www.BuckeyeBookFair.com

3 thoughts on “Ohio’s Buckeye Book Fair

  1. Hello.

    I have never been to a book fair, and I have some newbie questions. I realize that in order to get an autograph, I will have to purchase a new book by an author. Is it ok to ask to have a second(earlier) book signed as well? I went to the book fare website, and there is no “contact us” link.



    • Yes, as far as I know it’s okay. If you’re bring an earlier book from home to be signed, most people put an address sticker or something inside to indicate it was previously purchased. (we certainly don’t want to pay for the same book twice! smile…) As long as you’re coming to buy the new book, I don’t think the bookseller will mind an earlier one signed too)
      I will check with them, by the way, and if I’m wrong about this, I’ll repost. If you’re asking could you buy earlier books and have them signed. well of course. The sponsors are there to sell books & raise money for literacy. All my books (4) will be available for sale. thanks for asking.

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