Happiness is time spent with family and friends

We just got back from five days in sunny Florida where I had more fun than I’ve had in a long while. Our handsome nephew, Steve, his charming wife, Rena, & their adorable daughter, Nora, made us feel welcome, comfortable, and best of all…loved! Nothing could’ve been better! (take care of that collarbone, Nora, until it’s one hundred percent better!) Our day spent collecting shells, watching manatees, and touring the weather station at Cape Canaveral was so much fun. Who would ever think a manatee would drink water from a garden hose? Loved our day at Epcot too. The USA “tour stop” at Epcot was my favorite, but maybe I’m just biased. We also got a chance to meet their wonderful friends Kristy (hubby deployed in Afghanistan), Tricia &  Doug, and their kids. (hope you’re feeling better, Sam!) We ate like kings and queens at a neighborhood get-together that emulated what  neighborhoods should be like everywhere.

God bless our active military servicemen & servicewomen and their families. You make the rest of us feel proud to be Americans.

We had a great time visiting our long-time friends Cindy & Dean in their beautiful home in Lake Worth. If I lived that close to the beach I would be there every day. You two are very lucky. give Pete and Katie a hug from me.

Before I forget, sweet Rena was kind enough to set up a FaceBook page for me since she knows the limitations of my time & techo-abilities. If any of you are on Facebook, please check it out. Thanks Rena. Did I ever tell you that you are the best?