Summer’s last hurrah!

I’m always a bit sad when approaching Labor Day weekend. Although I refuse to contemplate summer’s end, still it does give one pause, no?

We’ve still got 3 more weeks before fall according to my calendar, but after this weekend, the white shoes and purses must be packed away, or you risk censure from the fashion mavens. The children are all back in school, Halloween candy is flooding into the stores, and autumn “themes” highlight each merchandising display everywhere.

Well, I’m not ready. Here in Ohio we had a cool, rainy summer so I won’t pack away my shorts and capris until I can see my breath while walking the dog. I will think “summer thoughts”, enjoy root beer floats on the deck, light a sparkler when the sun goes down, and not even think about flannel sheets!

Let’s not give in to marketing folks who tell us it’s time for autumn. No, I’m putting on sunscreen and going to sit out in the sun.  Enjoy.

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4 thoughts on “Summer’s last hurrah!

  1. Well of course in OHIO you’re not ready for fall. In TEXAS we pray for it every day – – – along with a little rain. Which I’m happy to report we actually had some of this weekend.

    So bring it on Labor Day!
    And I’ll even put up my whites if I need to.
    : )

    • glad to hear you finally got some rain down in Texas. if you need more…call me. I’d be happy to send down a few bucketfuls in return for five days of unrelenting sunshine. now go put your white shoes in the back of your closet!

  2. Well I hope you packed plenty of shorts and sunscreen for your trip down to Florida. We will continue to celebrate summer down here for many months to come..
    Love your website, and your blog, and most of all, you!!!

    • not as much as I love you, baby girl.
      thank you, thank you, thank you.
      love my new flipflops! can’t wait till the blister on my foot from Epcot goes away so I can wear them. (g)
      actually, I took care of that blister this morning and it reminded me of that video you tried to show me but I refused to watch. I’m all better now.
      let me know when you’re going to Animal Kingdom. I might just be waiting at the gate with my new f.f.’s and my Micky ears on.

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