My New Bookcover for Never Far from Home

Never Far From HomeMy cover is out for Never Far from Home. And isn’t it a beauty? I love how my publisher captured the essence of my Emma! And her hope-to-be beau, James, isn’t too hard to look at either. I hope you’ll let me know what you think of the cover of my January release. It’ll be here before we know it!

Great news. A Widow’s Hope has just made the ECPA bestseller list, in addition to the CBD and CBA bestseller lists. I am honored and pleased beyond words.

Have you signed up the newsletter at Please do so if you haven’t already. I have an article soon to post that I think you might like.

2 thoughts on “My New Bookcover for Never Far from Home

  1. I just finished reading A Widow’s Hope. It was a ‘hard-to-put-down’ book. Thanks for writing it. I was eager to check your website because I suspected your next book would be about Emma. I’ll look forward to purchasing it.

    Our local library has a monthly book talk and I’ll be sure to share A Widow’s Hope with the group.

    I am so glad I ‘found’ you, Mary Ellis.

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