Did I buy a horse or not????

The Summer draft horse sale is in the history books. I thoroughly enjoyed myself! And fell in love with a beauty of a draft horse! One year old and already a very big girl. I had so much fun as I always do in Ohio’s Amish country. Good food, fun activities, and the nicest people in the world. Watch for the next newsletter from Amish Reader to find out whether or not I bought the horse of my dreams.

Summer Draft Horse sale in Mount Hope

Fans of Amish fiction that live near Ohio’s Amish Country mark your calendars for Friday, June 12th for the draft horse sale in Mount Hope. I will be there, but I’m under strict orders NOT to buy a horse. Also don’t forget I will be signing copies of A Widow’s Hope at Bookworms Cafe & Christian Bookstore Annex on Saturday, June 13th in Millersburg. See previous post for more information. Stop by if you’re in the area for your copy of my latest release.