Amish Flea Market update

I just came back from three lovely days in Ohio’s Amish Country. During my last post, I talked about the giant Flea Market near Walnut Creek. It’s still a great flea market….but I learned this past weekend everything isn’t always what it appears. I purchased an outstanding hand-made quilt from Swartzentruber Quilts (directly from the sisters at their home….) after my Innkeeper warned me that some quilts at the flea market are NOT handmade and not even USA made. I’m not saying anybody is purposely trying to deceive people, but be sure to ASK if it’s locally made, and if it’s hand-quilted. I’m glad I bought mine from Swartzentruber and got the real thing. Chances are if the “deal” is too good to be true, it’s probably not a deal at all. As my momma said, you only get what you pay for. Happy bargain hunting!