Quilt show in Ohio’s Amish Country

Sorry for the late notice, but I just spotted this. Next weekend is a great exposition of quilts in one of the prettiest places in the world–Holmes County, Ohio. If you’re in the mood for a day-trip, it will be well worth your while. details below:
The ninth annual Amish Country Quilt Show offers the art at its finest, including
displays, classes and contests. It’s Thursday, March 19, through Saturday, March
21, at the Holmes County Expo Center, 3149 Ohio 39, Walnut Creek, Ohio
Admission is $7 per day, classes are $40. each. Information: amishcountryquiltshow.com.
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2 thoughts on “Quilt show in Ohio’s Amish Country

  1. Hi Cecelia,
    Thanks for the question. I will also post on your blog.

    For me the popularity of Amish Fiction goes beyond glimpsing into their simpler, more pristine lives.
    I grew up close to the Geauga County, Ohio Amish community and now live close to Holmes County, Ohio. The reason I write Amish Fiction is the same reason I visit with them time and time again…I feel closer to God in their wholesome, rural world. It is far easier to maintain a Christian lifestyle without rush hour traffic, watching stock market fluctuations, and worrying about crime in our schools and communities. We are drawn to their steadfast faith and want that for ourselves.

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