New Amish Reader Website up and running

I am very excited to announce the debut of a new website designed for lovers of Amish fiction. This beautiful new site showcases the work of various authors who write books about a wonderful Christian culture–the Amish. Look for recipes and book trailers and author bios. There will be a chance to interact with your favorite Amish authors and be the first to hear about new releases. Photographs will be posted from the Ohio and Pennsylvania counties and Amish Country events will be announced  and later discussed.

Please visit the new Amish Reader website often. We need feedback from you, our cherished readers of Amish fiction. Tell us what you think and how we can improve.

Please visit the site at and leave a post.  We’d love to hear from you.

42 thoughts on “New Amish Reader Website up and running

  1. do you have any of your books on audio cd’s? I have a long drive back and forth to work every day and love to listen to books in my car. I love these types of books. if so please tell me where I might find some of them. thank you, Cheryl Brown.

    • THE ONLY BOOK I KNOW OF ON cd IS An Amish Miracle, a collection of 3 novellas by Beth Wiseman, Ruth Reid, and my. Thanks for dropping me a post. Merry Christmas!!

  2. Enjoy reading Amish Fiction. Just read Book I and II of Jerry Eicher’s Ella’s Wish and Ella’s Wedding Quilt. Am a little disappointed in the inconsistency in the stories. In book I he tells of a fire at what Ella thought was her new house, but in truth was at a corn crib, but in book II he states it was her new house that burnt and had to be rebuilt. In Book II, Preacher Stutzman states he spoke harshly at Aden’s funeral because he was thinking of his wife Lois’s recent death, but in truth she died after Aden. Does anyone not edit these books? But I still enjoy reading them, just think someone should pick up on these discrepancies before they are published.

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