My first review from PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY

My first review is in from Publisher’s Weekly, which appeared in the January 19, 2009 issue, and I am very pleased. This is for my upcoming novel to be released by Harvest House Publishers in March, first of the three part Miller Family Series. 

A WIDOW’S HOPE by Mary Ellis  ISBN#978-0-7369-2732-1

The popularity of Christian novels set in the Amish culture knows no bounds, so Ellis’s tale should be a sure-fire hit for eager readers. Hannah Brown, childless and widowed after six years of marriage, seeks and needs a change. She sells her farm to her brother, puts her sheep on a truck and heads from Pennsylvania to Ohio to live with her beloved sister. Hannah’s transition, however, is anything but smooth. Her brother-in-law, Simon, doesn’t seem to like her, her sheep cause trouble, and her equilibrium is shattered thanks to handsome widower Seth Miller and his daughter, Phoebe. This is a gentle tale of renewed hope that puts readers in the middle of Amish life, and genre fans will certainly love it. Ellis offers a bit of originality in that Hannah owns a herd of sheep, but the book as a whole is more of the same in the huge, warm kitchen of Amish fiction. (January 19 issue)

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5 thoughts on “My first review from PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY

  1. I just finished A Widow’s Hope, and I so wish #2 were ready for me to read! I know Emma will be the featured character, right? You did a great job leading into #2. Please let us know when we can expect the next book. I can hardly wait!

  2. Hi Mary,

    I just finished reading “A Widow’s Hope”. I LOVED it. I couldn’t stop turning the pages. I was sorry when it was over. I hope your next book will be out very soon.

  3. Hi Elizabeth, thanks for taking a look at my blog-site and posting a comment. and thanks for the nice words regarding my PW review. Now…I am on to my next challenge with downloading my book trailer.

  4. Hi Mary! Congratulations on such a strong review from PW! They don’t hand those out easily. You deserve it! Your site is coming along so nicely, too. Keep up the great work!!

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